Dani Lynch was born in a small town, Williston, ND.  She began her passion with art as a little girl, using crayons and sidewalk chalk.  Throughout high school, Dani was introduced to new mediums and devoted herself to art classes.  Dani received an Artist’s Excellence award in an Art Exhibit for Williston.  She was chosen for a T-shirt design for the Danielle Raveling Foundation (A non-profit organization.)  She also designed a T-shirt for Jack Dyville’s Dance studio, which recognized the sponsor’s for the competition dance team that would be performing on a cruise ship and in Disney World.

     Dani was not only in love with art, she was also in love with dancing.  She began dance training at the age of 3 at Jack Dyville’s Dance Studio.  Dani studied a wide range of dance; which included ballet, tap, jazz, pointe, character, lyrical, modern, broadway, and hip-hop.  These classes tought Dani the value of hard work, dedication, team work, self-expression, creative collaboration, listening skills, sacrifice, criticism, technique, and competitive ability.  She has 22 yr.s of dance experience.  She was honored to be a part of the Competition Dance Team (Saint Mary’s University) all four years. Her Junior yr. in college she was nominated to be a Dance Captain of the Performance Dance Team, and continued to be a Captain throughout her Senior yr. The values Dani learned throughout her dancing still influences her today, as an entrepreneur.

Sport’s activities, dance competitions/performances, family gatherings, field trips for art, road trips, and vacations gave Dani the opportunity to see different cultures, cities, and states.  Places Dani has traveled to include: Washington, Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Illinois, Wyoming, Colorado, California, Iowa, Indiana, Georgia, Florida, New York, the Bahama’s, Mexico, and the Caribbean Islands.  Dani feels very fortunate to have seen so many places, but knows that these experiences are represented in her artwork.

Saint Mary’s University, in Winona, MN. is where Dani studied and went on to receive her Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design.  Her art classes included: Drawing 1-2-&-3, Illustration, Painting, Typography, Graphic Design 1 & 2, Desktop Publishing, Photo-Digital Imaging, Printmaking, Sculpture, Independent Study/Film, Black & White Photography, Art Foundations, Art History 1 & 2, and Art Seminar 1 & 2.  Her work was displayed at the St. Mary’s University Undergraduate Art Show Exhibition.  The show was titled, “Emergence” and she sold her first 3 pieces!

Sequin (a jewelry company) in New York, NY. gave Dani a once in a lifetime experience to intern for their company.  She spent the summer of 2006 living and working for Sequin on Fashion Avenue.  Here is a list of Dani’s responsibilities while working for Sequin:

Made product decisions based on brand and identity for each individual buyer.

Forecasted fashion trends and accessories with research materials.

Studied fashion shows, designers, runway looks, models, magazines, and websites.

Assembled trend boards, trend packets, and created weekly analyses of sales for each buyer.

Assisted in the re-design of the showroom interior before “market” (fashion peak) had begun.

Represented SEQUIN at a seasonal trunk show at Henri Bendel.

Assisted in collection of jewelry to present to magazine editors for photo shoots and magazines.

Edited/designed jewelry based on knowledge, opinion, cost, materials, demographic, and production.

Buyers included:  Macy’s, Kohl’s, Bebe, Express, Nordstrom, J.C. Penny’s, Target, and Henri Bendel.

     This Internship at Sequin was applied to her Graphic Design Degree, and one of her most memorable experiences!  Dani believes this amazing opportunity gave her the ability to jump quickly into the realization, that she longed to live out her dream of being a full-time designer.
     Dani has been able to live in a few different places:  Williston, ND. Fargo, ND. Winona, MN. St. Paul, MN. Chicago, IL. and New York, NY.  By far her favorite cities are Chicago and New York!  She says, “I love these cities because there is so much to do, to see, and the culture is amazing.  It opens your mind and keeps your perspective on edge.  The inspiration for art is everywhere!”
     In 2011, Dani was able to follow her dream, and create her own Graphic Design and Freelance Art Company.  Dani wanted to create a company name that was true to her roots.  Her father had created his own company, the Dublin Company, which included their Irish Heritage.  Dani chose the name, Breckin Design.  “Breckin” is a Celtic word and means “freckled.”  Dani’s Irish heritage gave her natural auburn hair and freckles 🙂  She hope’s to follow in her families footsteps, in running a succesful business.  Her families advice starting out was, “Success is spelled: WORK!”   Dani holds this advice dear to her heart.
     This dream was made possible by the support of her family and friends.

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